About Us


We the people of First United Methodist Church of South Miami are part of the worldwide United Methodist network seeking to do God’s will in the name of Jesus Christ. We dwell, with and in the presence of the Lord, in that church on the corner of Red Road and Ponce de Leon Boulevard.  


We pray, in our services and individually, with expectation that our prayers will make a positive difference in our own lives and in the lives of the world. We welcome your request for prayers and invite you to pray with us.


We sing, as a congregation, in the belief that lifting our voices in praise and worship will lift our own hearts and the hearts of those around us.  Our choir envelopes us in the beauty and message of sacred music, be it traditional hymns, contemporary praise songs, gospel, spirituals, and world songs.


Our missions are primarily oriented to feeding the homeless in our community and meeting as many of their needs as possible. Just as importantly, we reach out to children through our Music Garden program offering free and/or low-cost music lessons to children who might not otherwise have an opportunity to experience the joy and intellectual stimulation of music.


We study the Bible in several small groups that meet weekly, seeking to understand God’s purpose for us in this world.


We hear the word of God as a congregation, each Sunday morning through scripture readings and sermons.


All are welcome to our worship services, our small groups, and as servants in our missions. No matter where you are in your faith journey, you will find support at that church on the corner -- First United Methodist Church of South Miami.